H-1B Visa and Immigration Reform

H-1B Visa and Immigration ReformThe comprehensive immigration reform bill that has been passed by the US Senate, would expand the H-1B visa program. It would increase the annual H-1B visa quota from 65,000 visas per year to 110,000 visas, for highly skilled foreign workers. The master’s cap would also be raised to 25,000 from 20,000 visas. The demand for highly skilled workers in the United States is increasing and the US employers are happy about this provision of the Senate bill.

This bill would lift the annual cap on the number of Green Cards that are being issued to people with extraordinary abilities. This legislation would create a new visa program for the foreign investors who seek to start companies in America.

If this bill is passed, DV 2014 would be the last Green Card lottery program. This is a program of the US Congress that grants diversity immigrant visas to the individuals who take part and win the lottery program. This program would be abolished and 250,000 merit based visas would be made available. These visas would be issued to foreign nationals based on merit.

This bill has passed the US Senate but the House has not yet passed the bill. If this bill is passed, it would greatly benefit the STEM graduates and other foreign nationals who seek to obtain employment based immigrant visas. This immigration reform bill would legalize the country’s unauthorized residents and would make America’s economy stronger.

This bill would expand the H-1B visa program but it would require the US employers to give preference to American workers. It would prevent the US employers and companies from advertising jobs only to foreign nationals who hold H-1B visas.

If this bill is signed into law, the US Department of Labor would be required to share information about H-1B visa applications with the USCIS. Moreover, it would impose fines on US employers who violate the terms of the H-1B visa program and would prevent such violators from taking part in the program. Strict rules would be imposed and the US employers and companies would be prevented from abusing this visa program.