How to Avoid Expensive Excess Baggage Fees

How to Avoid Expensive Excess Baggage FeesTravelers who are unaware of the standard baggage limitations tend to pay excess baggage fees and the excess baggage fees may be the same as the flight ticket or higher than the flight ticket and if you do not want to pay extra, you need to carefully pack your luggage and do few simple things. You need to go through and understand the rules and conditions of your airline and your ticket and the rules and conditions may not be the same for all airlines and countries. Moreover, the rules for traveling abroad may not be the same as the rules for traveling domestically. You will have to go through the ticketing information and learn about the luggage allowance and if you are still unclear about the number of pieces of luggage you are permitted to carry with you, you may call your airline and obtain the required information.

It is wise to cut down excess baggage and avoid excess baggage fees. Many have the habit of packing lots of clothes as they believe that they would require different types of clothing for different types of places and weather. But they forget the fact that they will be charged excess baggage fees if they carry over sized bags with them. In order to avoid such difficulties, you may pack clothing that you can wear twice and pack light. Likewise, if you are going on a five day holiday you may bring clothes for three days and buy few from your destination and by doing so, you may reduce the weight of your luggage and avoid excess baggage fees. This also applies to footwear and may just carry with you one or two pairs of shoes and leave the rest at home.

Similarly, you may go for bags that are lighter, such as backpacks instead of carrying a bag that weighs a lot even before you put items into it. You may use your backpack to pack electronics, shoes, toiletries, your travel documents, etc and this will help you to save space in your suitcase. Moreover, you can carry your backpack with you to the cabin of the aircraft. Pack your luggage efficiently and save as much space as possible and fold your clothing neatly and pack your bag. You may wear your bulky clothing and pack the light ones and this will help you to reduce the weight of your luggage. If you wish to avoid baggage fees, you may also choose airlines that do not charge extra fees for baggage.