Naturalization Certificate

Naturalization CertificateCitizens of foreign countries who become US citizens will be issued naturalization certificates. To become US citizens and to get these certificates, foreign nationals must first become permanent residents of the United States. And then they need to go through the naturalization process, to obtain US citizenship. Green Card holders who successfully go through this process and obtain US citizenship, will be issued naturalization certificates and these certificates are issued as proof of US citizenship. A Certificate of Naturalization will contain information about the person to whom it is issued and this naturalization certificate will contain the holder’s full name, photograph, date of birth, alien registration number, marital status, place of residence and his signature. In addition, the certificate number and the date on with the holder became a US citizen, will be printed on the naturalization certificate. It will also include the DHS seal and the Director’s signature.

To get a naturalization certificate, you must apply for US citizenship. You need to submit Form N-400, Application for Naturalization along with the supporting documents that would help the USCIS officers to determine that you are eligible for US citizenship. In accordance with the form instructions that accompany Form N-400, you need to complete and file this petition, with the exact form filing fee. At the same time, you need to establish that you meet all the requirements pertaining to naturalization.

You will be granted a naturalization certificate only after a USCIS officer approves the US citizenship application that you filed and after you take the Oath of Allegiance. Similarly, if you do not surrender your Green Card, you will not be granted a Certificate of Naturalization and that is because a Green Card holder must give up his permanent resident status in order to obtain US citizenship. Nevertheless, some applicants who establish that their cards were lost or destroyed, may be granted waivers. In certain cases, USCIS waives the oath requirement for certain applicants due to medical disability. In such cases, naturalization certificates will be issued to such disabled individuals after the naturalization interview and they may not be required to appear at the oath ceremony.