INS Forms Citizenship

INS Forms CitizenshipAn individual who seeks to obtain US citizenship must know about the citizenship process and about the USCIS forms that he must file. US citizenship process is quite lengthy and tiresome and everyone who files the US citizenship application may not be granted US citizenship and only the individuals who are eligible will be granted citizenship status in America. If you are a permanent resident who is eligible for US citizenship, you may apply for it as soon as you find that you are eligible and you must file Form N-400, Application for Naturalization.

US citizenship brings with it a variety of advantages as well as rights and responsibilities and you will become eligible to vote in the federal elections and you will also become eligible to sponsor your relatives, after you become a US citizen. Form N-400 can be completed by qualified Green Card holders who are not minors and who are willing to swear the oath and this petition can be completed online. Nevertheless, it is mandatory to go through the naturalization guide prior to applying for US citizenship as your application will not be accepted if you are ineligible. Similarly, you need to make sure that you meet the key criteria as you will have to provide detailed information about your foreign trips and about criminal convictions, if any.

Moreover, the US citizenship application, Form N-400 is quite complicated and the USCIS is looking forward to make few changes to the form and is planning to add few more pages to the naturalization application. Similarly, the application filing fee also might increase and a revised Form N-400 will soon be published. If you are eligible for US citizenship, you may soon file the current version of the naturalization application, instead of postponing and filing the complicated revised form. Now, copies of documents that would establish that you are eligible for US citizenship, alone must be submitted along with Form N-400 but after the form is revised, additional documents might be required. It is hence wise to apply for US citizenship as soon as possible, if your aim is to become a US citizen.