Permanent Resident Name Change

Changing the name on a legal permanent resident card, or green card is simple with the right documentation. The application for a name change is available online for some applicants. Applicants also have the option of sending the required form, documentation and fees by mail.

Required Documents

A Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card is necessary to change the name on a green card. Fill the form in completely to receive the new green card as quickly as possible. Supporting documents are also necessary, but may vary depending on the reason for the name change.

Some currently accepted documents that show proof of a legal name change include court documents approving the name change, a marriage certificate, or divorce papers. Anyone of these supporting documents may provide the proof needed to change the legal name on a green card.

Fees for Name Changes

The fees for a legal resident name change may vary, but most people may expect to pay a total fee of $540 in 2018. This amount covers the replacement of the current green card and the associated processing fees.

Those filing for a fee waiver should send their application and supporting documents by mail. Typically, replacement green card applications are sent to the USCIS office in Phoenix, Arizona.

Additional Documentation Tips

Typically, copies of original documents, such as a copy of a marriage certificate, are acceptable for a permanent resident name change on a green card. However, some applicants are required to provide the original, or additional, documentation, and a biometrics appointment is usually required. Send the requested documentation as soon as possible, and attend the appointment to prevent processing delays.