Power of Eligible Immigrant Voters

US citizenship means a lot to many Green Card holders. Many eligible permanent residents choose to become naturalized US citizens every year in order to participate in the civic life. Though the voter registration rates are increasing, the expected number of the immigrant votes has not been reached. A report from the Immigration Policy Center states that there are more that 8 million Green Card holders who are eligible to become citizens but they have not yet chosen to become naturalized US citizens.

Voter registration rates of many states will increase if all the eligible Green Card holders become US citizens and register to vote. American Immigration Council, recently released the report “Citizenship Day 2012: Realizing the Potential of the Immigrant Vote”, which is likely arouse millions of permanent residents in America who still have not decided to become US citizens though they are eligible for US citizenship.

According to American Immigration Council’s report there are around 207,643,594 eligible voters in the country out of the approximate population of 303,824,640. AIC states that the results of the 2008 elections would have changed if all the eligible permanent residents who entered the country after 1985, had become US citizens and if they had registered to cast their votes.

Moreover, children born to immigrants in the United States are increasing in number and they are also becoming voters. Reports state that the immigrant voter registration rates are constantly increasing over the past few years and the voter rates have increased from 24 to 27 percent from 1996 to 2008. This rate would drastically increase if all the eligible Green Card holders naturalize and register to vote.

US immigration laws are becoming rigorous and Green Card holders and their dependents may be sent back to their home countries for even the smallest crime. It is well and good to apply for naturalization and become a US citizen, if you believe that you are eligible for citizenship. You will be able to exercise your rights and US citizenship will give you the power to vote and support people who support your issues. Though it is not possible to become a US citizen and vote before the presidential elections in November, you may apply for naturalization and become a US citizen and exercise your right to vote in the elections in the upcoming years.