Prepare for Your US Citizenship Interview and Exam

In order to become a US citizen, you will need to attend a US citizenship interview and pass the US citizenship exam. For many naturalization candidates, this is one of the most frightening steps in the process. A US citizenship exam tests your knowledge of the English language and your knowledge of US civics. This exam is part of the interview. You may worry about your ability to pass such a test, but you can pass the exam if you:

1) Understand what the citizenship exam is all about. The citizenship test is far less frightening when you consider that millions of immigrants have already passed it to become US citizens! As well, you can get sample questions for the exam at the USCIS website – you may even find that you can answer some of these questions already. Learning more about the exam and about what is covered is usually very reassuring. After all, you don’t have to know every word in the English language or know every event in American history. You simply have to show a good grasp of the language and of US civics – and you can do this with a little preparation.

2) Start preparing early. It is best to start preparing early.
If you have decided to apply for US citizenship, you can start preparing as soon as your submit your naturalization application. It is much easier to set aside a little time to study each day than to try to study many, many hours in the days before your interview.

3) Try citizenship classes. Citizenship classes are available in every community and some are free or very inexpensive. This is a great way to meet other naturalization candidates and to learn together. It is also a great way to learn what to expect from your interview and your exam. You will be given test and interview preparation material and will be given tips for passing the interview and exam.

4) Take advantage of the many resources available to you. There are many resources available. The USCIS website has a section devoted to the naturalization application process. There are books and DVDs available that show you how to prepare for your naturalization interview. Look at as many recent, reliable resources as you can – they can all help you prepare.