US Citizens Abroad – Voting Information

Citizens of the United States may cast their votes and take part in the civic life, even if they are living outside the country. They can do so by requesting an absentee ballot. Through this they can cast their votes, while outside the country and return the voted ballots to their state election offices. However, you may not be able to request an absentee ballot now, but you may send your voted absentee ballot to the respective election office. Your vote will be counted only if your absentee ballot reaches the respective state election office before the deadline. The election office may not consider your vote if your absentee ballot does not reach the office before the deadline.

Some American states accept absentee ballots that reach the office on the Election Day, November 6 and some states require the US citizens to mail the ballots ahead of the Election Day. Few states like Maryland, Alabama, North Carolina and West Virginia, accept ballots that reach the office even after November 6th. However, the citizens must mail their absentee ballots as early as possible. Similarly, you need to mail the ballots on or before the Election day, and ballots mailed after that may not be accepted. You need to contact your state election office to obtain information about the deadlines as the deadlines for all the American states are not the same.

Election offices may not count and release the results of the absentee ballots and the early votes, ahead of the Election Day. Absentee voting is meant for US citizens who may not be present in the country on November 6 and for US citizens who are living outside the country. If you had not sent your voted absentee ballot, you may mail it on or before 6th November. Remember that all the states do to accept absentee ballots that are mailed on the 6th of November. Alaska, District of Columbia, Florida, Maryland, North Carolina and West Virginia, accept ballots that are postmarked on November 6th.

There are few ways through which you can send your absentee ballot and you may send it by local mail, fax or courier. You can also choose to drop your voted ballot at the US Embassy or Consulate, in the foreign country where you are currently living. Similarly, you can electronically return your voted ballot and before you could send your ballot, make sure that your state accepts absentee votes send by e-mail. If you have not yet returned your absentee ballot, send it now.