US Policy Towards the Caribbean to Remain Unchanged

Reports state that the US policy towards the Caribbean and Latin America, may not change, even if Mr. Romney wins the presidential election. But, the people in Caribbean and Latin America, are likely to feel good, if president Obama wins and that is because of the interest that President Obama has shown. However, the approach of Mr. Romney, towards the Caribbean, may not be different, from that of President Obama.

However, both the candidates had not talked much about the Caribbean during their campaigns. Similarly, they had not mentioned anything about the relations with Mexico and Brazil. In the debate about foreign policy, Mr. Romney said that his main focus is on China and that Latin America is more important. Many feel that Mr. Romney is trying to draw the attention of the Latin American voters, who are supporting President Obama, as a result of Mr. Romney’s ideas that do not favor immigrants.

President Obama says that he will fix his broken promise and that he will pass the promised comprehensive immigration reform, if he again becomes the president. But Mr. Romney, says that he will pass laws that will allow undocumented immigrants to leave the country voluntarily and will then allow them to get into the country legally.

Cuban Americans welcome President Obama, as he has simplified the travel restrictions. On the other side, Mr. Romney, says that he will enforce stricter rules and restrictions on travel. He also says that he will enforce few other anti-Cuban laws. However, the US policy towards the Caribbean may not change, even after the election. The trade policy will be designed in such a way that it will suit America’s domestic concerns. At the same time, the foreign policy towards Iran is likely to raise questions for the Caribbean and Latin America.

The response of President Obama to Hurricane Sandy, that devastated the east coast, has drawn the attention of Americans and it is also likely to increase his chances of winning. However, it is not possible to foretell the results of the election as there are various other issues that are likely to change the interests of the voters and make the voters think against the president.