What are the Different Parts of the Naturalization Application?

It is Easy to Apply for US Citizenship Online?If you are a Green Card holder with good moral character and if you meet all the prerequisites for US citizenship through naturalization, you may file Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, to become a US citizen. To become a citizen through naturalization, you will have to file few USCIS forms, appear for a naturalization interview, pass the citizenship tests and then you must take the Oath of Allegiance. Before filing Form N-400, you will have to be aware of this form.

Form N-400 consists of 14 different parts and you need to complete all the parts and if a question is not applicable to you, you may write N/A beside that particular question. However, you must not fail to enter the required information and you must not submit an incomplete form.

Part 1 – Your Name

You should enter your legal name and the name that is printed on your permanent resident card in Part 1. The first part of this naturalization application will also help you to lawfully change your name, if you wish to do so.

Part 2 – Information About Your Eligibility

You need to check the box beside the question that applies to you. For example, you need to check the box beside the first question if you had been a Green Card holder for the past five years.

Part 3 – Information About You

You must enter all the required personal information about you including your social security number, alien registration number and about your disability, if any.

Part 4 – Addresses and Telephone Numbers

In part 4, you must enter your home address, e-mail address and your contact numbers.

Part 5 – Information for Criminal Records Search

Information that you enter in this part will be used by the USCIS to check whether you have a criminal history.

Part 6 – Information About Your Residence and Employment

You need to enter your current address and your previous addresses in part 6 and you must also list the names of your current and your previous employers.

Part 7 – Time Outside the United States

You need to enter the total number of days you had spent outside the United States in part 7. This part will help you to establish that you meet the residency requirements.

Part 8 – Information About Your Marital History

In this part, you must provide details about your spouse, if you are married. If not, you may move to the next step.

Part 9 – Information About Your Children

You need to list the names of all our children and provide few details about them in this part.

Part 10 – Additional Questions

There are 39 questions in this part and you need to check the appropriate box beside each question.

Part 11 – Your Signature

After completing all the required fields, you need to affix your signature in part 11.

Part 12 – Signature of Person Who Prepared This Application for You

You should provide detailed information about the person who prepared your naturalization application in this part and the preparer must affix his signature.

Parts 13 – Signature at interview and Part 14 – Oath of Allegiance

You must not complete these two parts while filing your application and you must complete these parts at the time of your interview only after an immigration officer instructs you to do so.