Green Card Renewal Form I-90 Instructions

If your green card is lost, stolen, damaged, or about to become expired, you will need to apply for green card renewal to ensure that you have a valid green card available to prove your permanent residency status. You must also apply for green card renewal if your green card is already expired or if the information on your US green card is no longer current. For example, if your name has changed due to court order, marriage, or divorce you will need to renew your green card.

All permanent US green card holders and some conditional permanent residents typically use Form I-90 for green card renewal. Conditional permanent residents who wish to adjust status and who have obtained their conditional green card through entrepreneurship or marriage do not use Form I-90 for green card renewal.

Filing form I-90 for green card renewal must be done online or by printing the application and completing it with black or blue ink. If you fill out the paper version, you need to ensure that the application is filled out clearly and legibly. If you need to submit evidence as part of your application – for example, evidence of a name change – you must follow the instructions carefully for submitting this documentation. When filing Form I-90, you must also submit your filing fee. Once the USCIS receives your application, you will be mailed information about your biometrics appointment. You must attend this appointment for your green card renewal application to be accepted.

Form I-90 has several parts. Part one asks you identifying information, such as your name and address. This section of the form also asks whether your name has changed from what is printed on your current US green card. In this part of the form, you will need to answer questions about your gender, date and place of birth, A-number, social security number, class of admission, and date of admission. You must answer all questions fully and honestly.

Part two of Form I-90 asks you to explain why you are applying for green card renewal. You must check the reason why you are applying for renewal and supply the evidence and documentation required for your specific case. Once you are finished with this section, you will need to complete Part three of the form, which involves processing information. This part of the form asks you to answer questions about your parents’ names, the location where you applied for your green card and where you entered the US, abandonment of your status and removal from the US.

Part Four of I-90 only needs to be filled out if you have a disability that can affect your filing of the USCIS form. Part five requires your signature; Form I-90 must be correctly signed in order for the petition to be processed.