Process for Filing Immigrant Petition Form I130

Process for Filing Immigrant Petition Form I130Filing a Form I-130 is the first step to filing an immigrant petition to allow an immediate relative to come to the US. If you want to sponsor a family member for a US green card, filling out Form 1-130 is the first step. To fill out this immigrant petition, there are several things you must do:

1) Carefully consider the immigration petition and your family member. Sponsoring a family member carries some hefty responsibility. For example, you may be financially responsible for your family member for years after they come to the US. If they use any public benefits, you may be required to repay the costs. You will want to discuss your petition with your family member and review your responsibilities to ensure that you are comfortable with them.

2) Carefully consider the details of your petition, so that they remain constant during the entire immigrant petition. For example, if you are sponsoring a spouse, consider whether you will be using your spouse’s new married name. If your relative has a name that must be anglicised because it has an accent, decide on the spelling and keep it consistent. Any discrepancies on your Form I-130, no matter how small, can lead to delays or rejections of your immigration petition, so make sure that everything stays consistent.

3) Get the latest Form I-130 from the USCIS website as well as the instructions for the form. Read the instructions carefully before you start to fill out the form.

4) Get two passport-style photos of yourself and your relative. Read the instructions on Form I-130 to make sure that you understand the photo requirements. On the back of each photograph, carefully write your name in pencil, being careful not to press too hard and mar the photo.

5) Get the supporting documents you need. The instructions for Form I-130 will outline what documents you will need to prove your identity, your status, in the US, and your relationship with your relative. You may need to submit birth certificates, marriage certificates, adoption certificates, or other documents. If these documents are not in English, you will need to get them translated.

6) Fill out Form I-130 and any other forms you may need. If you are applying for a green card for a spouse, for example, you will need to file Form G-325a as well. Make sure that you fill out all the appropriate forms and that you fill out all the details correctly and honestly.

7) Make three copies of all your materials. You will need to send one Form I-130 package to your relative, one to the USCIS, and you will want to keep one for your records.

8 ) Follow the Form I-130 instructions to mail your immigration petition to the appropriate USCIS location.