The Importance of Filing Most Current USCIS Form Available

USCIS forms are occasionally updated or changed in order to reflect new laws or in order to reflect new changes to immigration processes. This means that anyone who is applying for immigration petitions or applications must be careful to check the expiry date and the latest versions of their USCIS forms. In some cases, USCIS forms that were valid a few months ago are now expired and no longer valid. To check whether a form is valid or whether a newer version of the form has been released, you can check the USCIS website to find out whether a form you want to file has recently been updated.

You can also visit the USCIS page for the form you are trying to file, and near the bottom of the page you will find out when the latest version of the form has been published. Look under the “Edition Date,” on the page, which will indicate when the latest form was released and whether any older versions of the same form are accepted. For example, if the page indicates “08/07/09; (02/02/09 also accepted)” you can use the USCIS form released 08/07/09 (this will be indicated right on the USCIS form) or the form released on 02/02/09. Another option is to visit the website, which regularly updates and provides detailed information about changes toimmigration forms. provides a range of resources, including free resources, which can make filing USCIS forms easier.

It is very important to always use the most recent USCIS forms available for your specific immigration petition or application. Using outdated forms can delay your immigration petition. Although the USCIS sometimes has a grace period during which older forms can be used, using an older form that the USCIS no longer accepts can lead to rejection of your petition or application. For all these reasons, having the latest forms is very important when you start to fill out your application.

If you have already sent in an immigration form that you realize after the fact is outdated, you can try contacting the USCIS to find out what you should do. If you are in the process of filling out an immigration petition, check now to make sure that your forms are still valid and that a new version of the form has not been released. It is easy to do if you check the USCIS or website. Spending a few seconds checking that you have the right form can save you weeks and months of hassles and delays.