The Differences Between USCIS Form N-400 and N-600

Citizenship form N-400 and N-600USCIS Form N-400 and USCIS Form N-600 both have to do with citizenship but are actually quite different forms. USCIS Form N-400 is the form used to apply for US citizenship. If you are over the age of 18, are a legal lawful permanent resident (green card holder) of the United States and are eligible for naturalization, you can file USCIS Form N-400 in order to start the naturalization process.

In order to file USCIS Form N-400, you must meet certain requirements. For example, you must maintain a good moral character, have lived in the United States for a specific period of time, have lived in your state of residence for a specific period of time, have obeyed the laws, and may need to meet other requirements. You must also be willing to take the oath of citizenship at a citizenship ceremony, and you must be able to pass a naturalization test and interview. Once you file USCIS Form N-400, you will need to go through the entire naturalization process. This includes passing the exam and attending the naturalization ceremony in order to become a citizen.

Once you have filed USCIS Form N-400 and have gone through the citizenship process, you will become a naturalized citizen of the United States. You will have the right to carry a US passport when you travel, you will have the right to vote, and you will have the right to live and work permanently in the United States. In fact, you will have all the rights and privileges of US citizenship.

USCIS Form N-600 is, in fact, a different immigration form. You can use USCIS Form N-600 if you are already a US citizen through birthright. This means that you are already a US citizen because your parents were US citizens, or because you were born in the United States. In these situations, you are already considered a US citizen, but you can claim your citizenship and the proof of that citizenship by filing USCIS Form N-600. When filing USCIS Form N-600, you will not have to go through a complex process. Instead, you will file the form to claim your US citizenship. This may mean that you will have to submit proof of your parents’ citizenship or proof of your own birth in the United States in order to qualify. However, you will not have to go through a citizenship exam, test, or ceremony. Once your USCIS Form N-600 is approved, you will be sent certificate of citizenship that will prove that you are a US citizen by birthright.