Americans agree with Trump, survey says

Americans agree with Trump, survey saysStatistically, this means that 76% of Republican voters are in agreement with Donald Trump, who accused undocumented immigrants from Mexico of causing increased crime in the United States. Just 33% of Democrats feel the same, while 52%of those who do not affiliate with either of the two major political parties agree. 57% of white voters believe that the level of major crime is increased by undocumented immigrants.

Trump has been slammed for his comments, which he made during his speech announcing his decision to run for the Republican Party nomination for presidential candidate, with several businesses choosing to cut ties with him. 63% of Americans want the country to take tighter control of the US border, according to the Rasmussen poll, with just 30% wanting citizenship to be given to undocumented immigrants.

55% of the poll respondents were against the executive action taken by President Obama with regard to immigration reform last year. Last week Trump told Newsmax that Mexico should pay for a wall to be built at the border between the country and the US. “They have taken advantage of us for a long time,” he said.