How Republicans will fight immigration reform

AMERICAWith Congress heading home for the August recess, a large number of Republicans in the House of Representatives have been attending meetings with their constituents in order to talk about the issue of immigration reform as well as how this issue can be moved forward within the chamber.

Greg Sargent from the Washington Post has suggested that Robert Goodlatte could be the one to play a key role in the death of any immigration reform legislation that attempts to make it through the House of Representatives.  Sargent suggests that Goodlatte is likely to make all the right noises without ever actually committing himself to providing legal status to the 11 million undocumented immigrants that currently live in the United States.

The Republican representative has previously stated that the House of Representatives should still show the people of the United States that the chamber remains interested in reaching a solution to the problem of immigration even if they cannot come to any kind of agreement on a form of comprehensive reform legislation.  The view, according to the articles, is that Republicans in the House believe that Americans will feel they are willing to try to solve the problem if they at least fix some of the issues.

“Despite the fact that a majority of the public and a bipartisan majority of House members back reform with a path to citizenship, Rep Goodlatte seems to accept that the House will get to ‘no,’” says the head of America’s Voice, Frank Sharry.