Learn How US Dual Citizenship Works

Dual citizenship is a way of getting your US citizenship while maintaining all the responsibilities and privileges of your current citizenship. In essence, dual citizenship allows you to be a citizen of two countries. Although the United States government allows dual citizenship, however, not all countries permit US dual citizenship. You need to make certain that your home country will allow you to maintain dual citizenship before you apply. There can be several advantages associated with having dual US citizenship:

1) Easier travel. If you have a dual citizenship, United States borders and the borders of your home country become easier to negotiate. Since you have citizenship of both countries, you can easily travel the borders between these two countries because you have a permanent right to live and work in both countries.

2) Dual citizenship can make keeping family closer simpler. With easier travel, it is often easier to travel to your home country more often, making it easier to visit with family and friends more often.

3) Dual citizenship gives you protection in both countries. You have twice as many embassies and consulates you can appeal to if you need help. With two citizenships, no matter where you travel there is likely to be a consulate or embassy to help you from one of your two home countries.

4) You can often keep your pension and other benefits. With dual citizenship, it is often easier to hold onto benefits – such as pensions or universal health care – since you do not give up your benefits of citizenship. This can be important if you have lived in your home country for some time and have paid into a benefit or pension plan that you might need to draw on in the future.

5) You can keep your culture and history with dual citizenship. With dual citizenship, you do not have to choose between the United States and your current home country. You can honor and contribute to both societies and even visit both places as often as you like.

Of course, just as there are advantages of dual citizenship, there are also disadvantages as well. You may feel a conflict of interest with your us dual citizenship, especially in cases where your home country is in conflict with the US. Also, when it comes to dual citizenship, United States laws have very liberal laws which allow you to maintain full US privileges while also enjoying the citizenship privileges of another country. Not all countries allow dual citizenship holders this level of rights.