United States has world’s highest immigrant population

United States has world’s highest immigrant populationThe United States stands as the world leader when it comes to immigrant populations, USA Today says.  The United States clearly holds a lot of appeal with 45.8 million immigrants living in the country as well as a gross domestic product per capita of $50,000, meaning that the GDP is one of the world’s highest.

The United States, which also has the largest economy in the world, comes in second in terms of the number of exports.  The United States is an appealing country for people to want to live in thanks to quality education and jobs, but the question is how things may change if Congress ultimately succeeds in passing immigration reform.  The country’s population could rise by as much as 10.4 million within a decade.

A population bump of that size would certainly have an impact on the nation’s economy, with estimates showing that that federal direct spending would likely increase by no fewer than $262 billion between next year and 2023, should the bill be passed.  A large amount of that spending would come from healthcare and refundable tax credits that are necessary to support the population.

Over the same period there would also be a spike of $459 billion in federal revenues, money which would go to extra collection of payroll and income taxes that would be paid to a much bigger population.  The bill would also alter how citizenship could be reached by undocumented immigrants, offering three different paths.