Can a Green Card Renewal be Denied?

Each year, the USCIS process many versions of Form I-90 as applicants apply for green card renewal or green card replacement. In the vast majority of cases, a green card renewal is accepted. However, there are some cases where it can be denied. The most common causes for a denied green card renewal include:

  1. An incorrectly filled out or filed Form I-90. Even if you have filled out the form before, it is important to check your work, read all the instructions, and fill out the form very carefully. Any mistakes on the form can delay your green card renewal application or can cause your application to be denied.
  2. Illegal activity. If you take part in a serious illegal activity or have a criminal record or violate the terms of your permanent residency, you may be denied a green card renewal. If you know that you have a criminal record or have been arrested for a serious offense since you have received your green card, consult with a qualified US immigration attorney before filing your Form I-90. Your attorney can give you advice about your green card renewal chances and can help you improve your chances if needed. In general, if the charges were minor this may not affect your green card renewal.
  3. Being dishonest on your Form I-90. If you lie outright on your form and the USCIS sees this, your request for a green card renewal will be denied and you may face legal problems as well. For this reason, it is important to be completely truthful on your green card renewal form. If you fear that there is something in your past which may cause the USCIS to deny your Form I-90 application, speak with a qualified US immigration attorney before filing the form. The attorney can give you advice about retaining your permanent residency status.

Usually, having a bad credit score or owing taxes as well as other similar financial problems will not affect your Form I-90 application, although these issues can affect an applicant from getting a green card in the first place. If your green card renewal is rejected, the USCIS will mail you a letter, outlining the reasons for the denial. This letter will also let you know what steps you can take to file an appeal. There is a deadline for the appeal process, so if your green card renewal has been denied, you may wish to consult with a qualified US immigration attorney quickly to ensure that you can get a new decision in your case.