Documentary examines international students in US

Documentary examines international students in USA brand new documentary by the name of Will Work For Words has had its premiere at the Virginia Film Festival, and looks at the difficulties that are faced by international students who are looking for work following graduation, Inside Higher Education reports.

Aysehan Julide Etern, who made the documentary, is herself an international student from Turkey who is in the process of studying for her third degree in the US.  Upon becoming aware of problems with the policies of the United States toward foreign students she chose to try and make a difference by drawing attention to these issues.

Leaders in the fields of higher education and business have become aware of the issues as well, in recent years lobbying for students who finish their university degrees in the US and would like to work here after graduation to have expanded opportunities available to them.  They want to mirror the visa programs used by other nations in the West to attract students with similar US visas in order to have their education and talents work for the benefit of the national economy.

New types of green card for the benefit of overseas students have been called for by a report from the Partnership for a New American Economy.  The presidents of 166 universities in the US signed a letter accompanying the report, calling for policy reform by government officials to prevent students who have been educated and trained in the US then being forced to look for work in other countries.