Immigration consultants in overdrive over US visa program

US VisasThe US government’s recent extension of the EB-5 program to September, which targets immigrant investors, has been giving immigration consultants the motivation they need to swing into action.  These consultants are attempting to reach out to potential investors by growing their operations via the addition of new associates as well as by organizing awareness seminars.

Immigration consultants say that the EB-5 visa process is free of hassle for farmers, professionals and business people.  However, it only has an investment potential of up to as much as $500,000, which is not a very large amount given that potential investors may well have willingly paid enormous amounts in order to be able to travel to the United States in the first place.  Students, however, who apply to an institute while under the EB-5 visa program could well save as much as 50% of their tuition fees for four years.

The US government is seeking up to 10,000 immigrants per year with the program, according to the chairman of the Calculus Group, which is based in Delhi, Sukhjit Singh Anand, in order to help with the creation of almost $5 billion in investments that can go into developing the country’s rural areas, which then in turn would generate more opportunities for employment for US citizens.

“We have decided to promote the EB-5 visa program in Punjab and Gujarat to educate and guide potential investors through the investment and green card processes, maximizing their chances of receiving the EB-5 visa,” Anand says.