Immigration reform unlikely in 2014, Stewart says

Cantor attacked by both sides over immigrationUS Representative Chris Stewart informed the Utah legislature yesterday that the passing of immigration reform is not a major priority for him and that the mistrust of President Barack Obama by Congress has made it seem highly unlikely that there will be any changes made in 2014.

The freshman Congressman revealed to members of the Utah house that immigration is also a low priority for the general public, according to polls, and he is in agreement with that point of view and is of the opinion that Congress needs to be instead focusing its attention on reducing the debt and balancing the budget.  “There has been so much distrust between the executive and Congress now that many of us don’t believe any longer the president will enforce the laws we give him,” Stewart claims.

This factor, plus the continued discomfort of many Republicans with offering “amnesty” to undocumented immigrants, means that the likelihood of Congress making any real move to overhaul the immigration system in the United States now seems unlikely, despite it being one of Obama’s top priorities as stated in his State of the Union address at the beginning of the year.

Stewart also took the opportunity to give Obamacare a dressing down, claiming that it was bad legislation with fundamental flaws that hurt American families and that it is certain to be a major focal point of the midterm elections that are coming up later this year.