More Temporary Workers US Visas to Be Issued

More Temporary Workers US Visas to Be IssuedAccording to a spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security, on Wednesday, the department has made a decision to offer extra US visas for seasonal and temporary immigrant workers. David Lapan, the spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security, says that John Kelly, the Secretary of the agency, has not yet decided exactly how many more new US visas will be offered, but that a decision on this is expected shortly.

Lapan added that the Department of Homeland Security is likely to begin issuing the new US visas late next month. The H-2B US visas, as they are also known, are issued for use by non-agriculture temporary workers in a wide range of businesses, such as holiday resorts.

66,0000 H-2B US visas are issued by the US government every year, and the extra visas will be available to businesses who can show that an inability to hire more foreign workers would be harmful to their companies. One business that makes use of these forms of US visa is the Trump Organization.

Two months ago, back in May, Congress passed a government spending bill, part f, which gave Kelly the authority to be able to offer more US visas this year. The move to add extra US visas comes in the middle of a crackdown on illegal immigration by the Trump administration, which has pledged to bring jobs back to American citizens.