Trump Seeks Five-Year Ban on Welfare for Immigrants

Trump seeks five-year ban on welfare for immigrantsPresident Donald Trump says he intends to pursue legislation to prevent immigrants gaining access to welfare in the US for at least five years. Speaking at a rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa yesterday, Trump said the time had come to introduce new immigration rules, making it necessary for new immigrants to support themselves financially rather than use welfare for at least their first five years in the country.

Trump said that such legislation would be drawn up by his administration shortly, although it is uncertain how much the current situation is likely to change. The majority of immigrants entering the country on US visas are already barred from accessing many federal benefits, such as food stamps and Social Security for their first five years. Those without legal status or on non-immigrant US visas are usually permanently banned.

Trump also plans to allow the US to refuse entry to immigrants who are likely to need help from the state, by making it a public charge. The concept has existed in US law for many years, but Trump is expected to strengthen restrictions, as well as ensuring it is more stringently enforced.

According to Fox News, it is expected that Trump will refer to a 2015 report from the Center for Immigration Studies, which revealed that state aid was being given to 51 percent of households in the US headed by a non-citizen, compared to 30 percent of Americans.