New citizens welcomed by Washington naturalization ceremonies

americaPeople from eight different countries such as Bosnia Herzegovina, Fiji, India and Mexico received the very special honor of being given citizenship of the United States at a ceremony held in Richland, Washington on the 5th of September.  The ceremony was staged at the Federal Courthouse, with Judge Edward Shea leading, according to the Tri-City Herald.

Also present at the ceremony was Representative Doc Hastings, who encouraged the brand new US citizens to fully participate in both national and local elections.  14 of the 22 new citizens registered to vote for the very first time at the ceremony.

The 21st of September will also prove to be a special date for a number of men and women living in Pierce County.  Approximately 500 individuals are expected to come to watch their loved ones gain US citizenship in a naturalization ceremony that is to be held in their own local area.  The News Tribune claims that around 100 overseas residents are to be sworn in as US citizens in the auditorium of Mount Tahoma High School.

Up until recently, residents of Pierce County had no alternative other than to make a long trip to the city of Seattle in order to attend their naturalization ceremonies.  However, officials decided to start hosting local ceremonies for town citizens in 2010.  “Pierce County is proud of each and every immigrant and refugee who makes the tremendous effort to complete the naturalization process,” says County Auditor Julie Anderson.