Novel US border crossing bid fails

US ImmigrationImmigrants who made a valiant – and novel – attempt to enter the United States by trying to drive over the US-Mexico border fence with their motor vehicle via makeshift ramps came a cropper when the car ended up getting stuck on the top of the fence.

Two would-be immigrants ended up fleeing back to Mexico when the bold effort to get over the 4.3 meter high fence was spotted by US border agents in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

“Agents patrolling in the Imperial Sand Dunes area encountered a silver Jeep Cherokee attempting to drive over the International Border fence using a makeshift ramp that was not quite up to the task,” according to the US Custom and Border Patrol agency.

Agents say that when the silver Jeep Cherokee was able to make it to the very top of the ramp, it ended up becoming high centered and when the two Border Patrol agents arrived on the scene, the two attempting illegal immigration fled back over the border.  Agents seized both the Jeep and the ramps after eventually managing to remove the vehicle from the top of the fence.

Authorities in the United States have long been battling to put a stop to illegal immigration and to try and contain smuggling over the southern border with Mexico.  There have been numerous attempts to build tunnels underneath the fence, many with ventilation systems and highly sophisticated equipment, with their entrances often contained in structures such as warehouses near the frontier.