Obama Says Unilateral Military Action Against Syria Would be a Mistake

President Barack Obama gave a news conference on March 6 at the White House, to discuss the growing global concern over events in Syria. President Obama said that despite concerns, it would be a mistake to act alone and take unilateral military action against Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad and his government. In the press conference, President Obama also discussed immigration, the economy, Afghanistan, and Iran.

So far in Syria, an estimated 7500 people have been killed in clashes between citizens and authorities, with President Assad accused of cracking down on protestors and opponents. As a result of the situation, some US residents have supported the idea of sending US troops into the region, but President Obama has stated that this would not be a solution. While NATO troops were deployed to Libya to protect opponents from the government of Moammar Gadhafi, President Obama has stated that the situation in Syria is more complicated and a similar solution might not work in that region. Instead, the Obama administration has been using diplomacy and sanctions to try to get Assad to give up power. Opponents have criticized the use of sanctions, but President Obama defended his decision, saying that the sanctions are working.

The Obama admiration is also using economic sanctions to try to pressure Iran into abandoning nuclear weapons acquisition. According to Tehran, the nuclear program in the country is not for violence or war, but President Obama has stated that he still hopes the issue can be resolved with diplomacy. He has called on Iran to open communications and to prove that its nuclear program is not intended for aggression.

At the recent press conference, President Obama also addressed the issue of Afghanistan, stating that plans are proceeding as scheduled for the eventual withdrawal of NATO forces from the region. By 2014, security in the country will be the responsibility of Afghan authorities. He also spoke out against continued violence in the region.

President Obama also addressed the issue of immigration during the press conference, stating that he will reform the immigration system in the US if he is elected again. He stated that he would introduce bills to change the current system. Although he did not elaborate at length about the immigration changes he would propose, President Obama has supported the DREAM Act in the past, so it is possible that he would propose similar legislation. It is likely that the President will elaborate about his immigration reform ideas as election year unfolds.

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