Republicans wrecking their chances by ignoring immigration, Bachmann says

Republicans wrecking their chances by ignoring immigration, Bachmann saysRefusing to show a harder line against immigration out of fear of upsetting the Hispanic demographic could actually cost the Republican Party the election rather than the other way around, as most of the party’s leaders appear to believe, new statistics seem to demonstrate.

Polling and research are clearly demonstrating the unpopularity of mass immigration among the American public ‒ even the Hispanic populace ‒ and with people of almost all levels of income, except the very top. Former US representative Michelle Bachmann told WND that immigration is a winning issue with supporters, including union members, white and blue collar workers, business executives, small business owners, and minorities; however, Republican leaders seem reluctant to tackle the issue head-on.

“Working Americans want to see us hit the pause button on immigration, as we did from the 1920s for decades, as America sought to assimilate decades of immigration, and that was without a welfare state,” Bachmann says. “Stand up for the American worker, wages and jobs, prioritizing our people first. That’s a winning issue every time.”

Bachmann’s opinion appears to be borne out by various poll results. A Reuters poll demonstrates that Americans want a reduction in immigration by a margin of nearly three to one, with 45% of the respondents wanting to see a reduction and 17% wanting to see an increase. 63% believe that immigrants are an unnecessary burden on the US economy, with 70% feeling that US traditional culture is being threatened by illegal immigration.