Sessions demands immigration slowdown

Immigration will add seven people to the United States for every new American born in the country over the course of the next half a century. This is according to information recently released by the US Senate Judiciary Committee on Immigration and the National Interest, of which Senator Jeff Sessions is the chairman.

The Pew Research Center conducted the report and says that by 2065 the population of the United States will grow by 14 million if immigration is frozen; however, no less than 103 million immigrants will arrive on US soil over the course of the next 50 years if current immigration levels are allowed to continue unchecked.

Fewer than one in 21 Americans had been born overseas 45 years ago, back in 1970. This figure has risen to one in seven in 2015, according to Pew. The United States has also taken in over four times more immigrants from all over the world than any other country. The findings of the Pew Research Center were discussed by Senator Jeff Sessions on Breitbart Sirius XM radio on Sunday, with the senator noting that the figures put current immigration policies in the US in perspective when compared to every other nation.

“American is surging past all historical [immigration] levels,” Sessions declared, pointing to available data on immigration and adding that it is time politicians began listening to the American people. “By a three-to-one majority of Americans they say we should reduce the flow of immigration rather than increase it. I think it’s time for politicians to look at this. They don’t know these numbers and they’re not listening to the American people.”