Undocumented immigrants should be made guest workers, Carson says

Undocumented immigrants should be made guest workers, Carson saysBen Carson, Republican presidential candidate nomination, says that there is no need for the existence of so-called ‘sanctuary cities’ and adds that border security does not necessarily equate to building walls and fences. Carson believes that undocumented immigrants in the United States should be given guest US visas provided that they register and pay back taxes and future taxes.

Speaking on the Fox News Channel show Your World with Neil Cavuto on Friday, Carson noted that many people are worried about the issue of sanctuary cities and the overall problem of illegal immigration. “I’ve spoken very strongly about that, and we need to go ahead and solve the problem. We have the ability to do it. We don’t have the will to do it,” he explained.

Carson claims that if he became president in 2016, he would secure the borders by making use of drones, electronic surveillance and various other forms of modern technology. He would also amend the benefit programs that are luring undocumented immigrants to the United States en masse. He does say, however, that he would be happy to see such immigrants become guest workers if they registered and joined a tax program.

Carson admits that the rhetoric of Donald Trump has caused trouble, but acknowledges that many Americans have given away their values and principles in the name of political correctness. “I think the Republicans actually need to engage in this conversation,” he says.