Widow Sues US Officials over Immigration Petition

The widow of a US citizen is suing federal government officials over the pending status of her immigration petition, having waited three years for a decision from US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Attorney, Samuel I. Mok filed the lawsuit on behalf of Jun Cui Seman in the District Court on Thursday.

Seman wants the federal court to direct US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to make a decision on her I-360 as a widow of an American citizen and her application for her immigration status to be adjusted (I-485), both of which are still pending. Mok says that Seman has waited for a decision for three years, following her interview for the adjustment of status on 18 August 2014. USCIS has since issued no further requests for information.

Seman is suing the USCIS director for Missouri’s National Benefits Center, Robert M Cowan, the district 26 USCIS director, David Gulick, who has jurisdiction over the NMI, as well as Guam and Hawaii, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, John Kelly, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, and James McCament, the acting director of USCIS.

Mok says that Seman has tried to find the cause of the delay, which he calls inexplicable and inherently unreasonable, but has received no response. He adds that there are no administrative mechanisms to look at unreasonable delays within USCIS. Seman married US citizen, Enrique Kaipat Seman on 6 September 2012, who passed away on 29 May 2014.