Information on P-3 visas

flagsssThe P-3 US visa is offered by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to entertainers or artists in order to allow them to enter the country either as a group or on an individual basis. The goal of the group or individual artist should be to coach, develop, interpret, represent or teach an artistic, cultural, ethnic, folk, musical, traditional or theatrical presentation or performance.

People who put in an application for a P-3 US visa need to be coming to the United States to participate in some kind of cultural event or events that aim to further the development or understanding of their particular art form. The program can be of either a non-commercial or commercial nature, but in order for it to be deemed as being culturally unique it should be in a style that is a methodology, medium or artistic expression that is isolated to one specific class ethnicity, country, nation, religion, tribe or other group.

Those who apply for a P-3 US visa have to be sponsored by an employer or organization from within the United States. The sponsor has to submit Form I-129, otherwise known as the Petition for a Non-Immigrant Worker.

Documents required to be included with the application include evidence that the applicant or group’s performance is indeed culturally unique, such as reviews in journals, newspapers or other published works. Applicants also have to explain the event they intend to take part in as well as an itinerary, particularly if the event will be performed in multiple locations.