Can I Apply for Naturalization Certificate Replacement Online? (Updated 2019)

You may file Form N-565, to replace your lost or destroyed naturalization certificate. Naturalization certificates are issued by the USCIS to citizens of foreign countries who become naturalized US citizens and this document proves that you have obtained US citizenship through the legal process called naturalization. So you need to keep this document in a safe place and if you tend to lose it, you will have to replace it immediately and to apply for replacement, you need to file Form N-565, with the USCIS.

It is well known that all the USCIS forms are available online and you can also download Form N-565 from the website. Similarly, you can also complete this form on your computer. Instead of printing your petition and completing this petition by hand, you can easily complete it online and the detailed filing instructions, will help you to complete the form accurately and quickly. You can also follow the step by step instructions and these instructions will help you to complete your naturalization certificate replacement petition, without errors.

Similar to the other USCIS forms, From N-565 also must accompany certain supporting documents. You will have to mail all the required documents, 2 passport style photographs and a copy of your naturalization certificate(if you have one) along with your petition. If you are filing Form N-565 to replace a destroyed document, you will have to mail the mutilated document along with your petition. Nevertheless, you need not go in person to file this petition and you may just mail the form that you completed online, along with the other documents.

You must also pay $555 as form filing fee and you need to make the payment by check or money order. Your application package that contains Form N-565, supporting documents and the form filing fee must be mailed to the right USCIS service center and the address will be printed on the form instructions page. USCIS may not grant you a new naturalization certificate as soon as you file your application and it will issue a new certificate only after reviewing your petition and the supporting documents. You might receive a new certificate within one year from the date of your application.