Is the US Citizen Application Available Online?

Green Card holders who look forward to become US citizens will have to file the US citizen application. If you have been living in the United States as a lawful permanent resident for around five years and if you want to become a citizen of the country, you will have to file Form N-400. Some people have a notion that they will have to go directly to USCIS offices and wait in queues to obtain this form but you need not go anywhere to obtain this form and this US citizenship application is available online. Moreover, you can obtain all the immigration forms from the website.

You can print a copy of the citizenship application and fill it out by hand. If not, you can easily prepare it on your computer and you can easily complete your form online by following the step by step instructions and this will also help you to avoid errors. People who wish to file the US citizen application must first be aware of the eligibility requirements. Hence, you need to carefully go through the instructions and understand the US citizenship process, before filing your petition. Similarly, Form N-400 must accompany certain supporting documents and you need to make sure that you have all those documents. If you find that you are eligible, you may go ahead and file your petition.

Completing the petition online will not take much of your time and you can complete the citizenship application quickly. You can then print the completed application and mail it to the right USCIS lockbox facility. The application package must contain Form N-400, N-400 filing fee and supporting documents and you need to ensure that the information that you have entered is accurate and that you have signed the petition, before mailing your application package. However, if you are a Green Card holder who is eligible for US citizenship, you may complete this form online and the detailed filing instructions and the step by step guidance, will help you to complete the application sooner.