Check Out the Online US Citizenship Tutorial

Check Out the Online US Citizenship TutorialTo become a citizen of the United States, a Green Card holder must go through the naturalization process. This is a multi-step process and it does not only include filing applications. To successfully go through this process and to get a naturalization certificate, one must understand the process and must be well prepared.

Filing Form N-400 is the first step and after filing the application, applicants must start preparing for the US citizenship test and interview. This is one of the important steps in the naturalization process.

During this interview, applicants will have to pass the English and the civics tests. These tests will be easy for the ones who are well prepared. Eligible Green Card holders can make use of the online US citizenship tutorial, to prepare for the US citizenship test and interview. This will increase their chances of passing the tests.

The online US citizenship tutorial includes the following resources. People who seek to become US citizens can make use of these resources and prepare for the tests by themselves.

Pass the US Citizenship Test and Interview DVD :

This resource includes detailed information about the overall citizenship process and information about the US history and government. People who are not good in English also can use this DVD and prepare for the tests as this DVD includes subtitles in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean.

Applicants who use this DVD can easily get through the naturalization interview as this includes an official USCIS practice interview. Moreover, applicants who are worried about the English and the civics tests can prepare for these tests by making use of the interactive study guide for US history, civics and English writing.

The U.S. Citizenship Exam Audio CD :

This audio CD provides information on the citizenship process. It outlines the government procedures and reviews both the English and the civics portions of the naturalization test. This resource outlines the overall process and gives the prospective citizens a general idea of what they should expect during the USCIS interview.