Documents Needed For Traveling Within the US

Documents Needed For Traveling Within the USU.S. citizens, green card holders and temporary visitors can travel within the U.S. but they will need to provide an acceptable form of identification document. Here are few guidelines for U.S. citizens, nonimmigrants and green card holders.

Traveling as a U.S. Citizen

While traveling within the U.S., U.S. citizens are encouraged to travel with a photo identification document. These documents will be required for checking into hotels or boarding airlines. Driver’s license, military ID and a U.S. passport are acceptable forms of identification documents that U.S. citizens can carry with them while traveling within the U.S.

Traveling as a Nonimmigrant

Nonimmigrants may be required to carry with them more identification documents than U.S. citizens and green card holders. Nonimmigrants will need to keep with them their passports from their home country. They also need to carry their international driver’s license (if they hold one) and their nonimmigrant visa paperwork.

Traveling as a Green Card Holder

The immigration laws of the U.S. require green card holders to have their green cards with them at all times. This applies even when they travel to a different state within the U.S. In addition to their green card, the also need to carry another identification document like their driver’s license. Though their green cards are enough to prove their legal status in the U.S., they can also carry another document to avoid confusion. They can also have their passports with them if they choose to have it but they are not required to carry a passport to travel within the U.S.

Passengers may still be allowed to board their flight if they had forgotten to carry with them their photo ID. In such cases, passengers will have to provide personal information so that this information can be matched with that available on public databases. Only if their identity cannot be verified, they may not be allowed to board the flight.