How to Change Mailing Address While Form I-485 Is Pending?

How to Change Mailing Address While Form I-485 Is Pending?While filing applications for immigration benefits with the USCIS, applicants must write down their permanent address. That is because the USCIS will send all the mails to them to the address they have provided. Applicants are likely to miss all the important letters the USCIS sends if they provide a wrong address and this is likely to delay their applications.

However, this does not mean that they must not move to a new address after they file their applications with the USCIS. If they change their address after filing their applications, they need to report the change of address to the USCIS.

Many who change their address and who fail to file a change of address with the USCIS lose their mails and their interview appointment letters. This has also led to the denial of the applications of many such applicants. Hence, the applicants must move only if it is absolutely necessary. If they move, they need to follow certain guidelines and file a change of address with the USCIS soon after they move.

For example, if a non-immigrant in the United States has filed Form I-485, the application for adjustment of status, and if he/she seeks to move to a new address, he/she must file Form AR-11, Change of Address, with the USCIS. Those who have to report the change in address to the USCIS have to file the AR-11 within 10 days of such a change.

This form can be filed online and the paper form is also available. Applicants who file the form online will receive a confirmation page soon after they e-file the form. After they submit the form online, they will be directed to a page that will require them to enter the receipt numbers of the immigration forms they have already filed with the USCIS.

Applicants need to enter the receipt numbers of all the forms they have filed with the USCIS, along with Form I-485 for adjustment of status. They need to enter the receipt numbers of Form I-130 and Form I-765, if they have filed for employment authorization while filing Form I-485. After submitting Form AR-11, they need to print the confirmation page they receive and retain that with them for their records.

Applicants can also file the paper Form AR-11. They need to print the form and fill it out. The address to which they need to mail the form will be printed at the bottom of the form and they need to mail the form to the right address. They need to make sure that they have written the receipt numbers of the forms they have filed and their right address. Applicants need to use certified, registered or return receipt mail to mail their paper forms to the USCIS, as this will help them to check for delivery confirmation.