How to Show Ties to Home Country During a Visa Interview?

How to Show Ties to Home Country During a Visa Interview?There are few different steps in the process of applying for US visas. First, an online application must be filed. Followed by that, applicants must schedule visa interviews and appear for those interviews. They also need to undergo medical examinations. They must provide several supporting documents and establish their eligibility for nonimmigrant visas.

Apart from filing applications and submitting supporting documents, they need to establish that they will return to their home countries prior to the expiration of their nonimmigrant visas. They need to prove that they will not stay back in the U.S after the expiration of their visas. Only if they prove this, they will be issued nonimmigrant visas.

Visa applicants must demonstrate that they have strong ties in their home countries during their nonimmigrant visa interviews. They need to prove that they cannot stay in America and that they have compelling reasons to return to their home countries.

This is because, nonimmigrant visas are temporary visas and are not permanent visas like the immigrants visas. People who hold temporary visas like the B-2 tourist visas or F student visas, can stay in America only for a certain period of time. B-2 visa holders can travel to America for tourism purposes but cannot study or work there. Likewise, F-1 visas are student visas that are issued to internationals students and these students will have to return to their home countries after they complete their courses in America.

So the foreigners who travel to America on temporary visas must use those visas only for the purpose those visas are intended for. It is mandatory for the nonimmigrant visa applicants to establish that they will return to their home countries before their temporary visas expire.

They need prove that because many enter into the country as nonimmigrants and then overstay their visas. They believe that it is easy to get into the country as nonimmigrants and then become permanent residents. They fail to understand the fact they will become undocumented immigrants if they overstay their visas and that they will be subject to deportation for violating the country’s immigration laws.

Foreign students can establish that they would get back to their home countries by explaining how the courses they complete in the U.S would benefit them in their home countries. They can explain how those courses would help them to start businesses or get better jobs, in their countries.

Applicants can provide information about their elderly parents and tell the interviewer that they need to take care of them and that they cannot permanently stay in America. Applicants can make use of their property documents, trust accounts and assets, to prove that they will not overstay their nonimmigrant visas.

People who have family businesses in their home countries can convince the consular officer by telling him that they need to return to their countries of citizenship to take care of their businesses. Standing job offers and reference letters from previous employers, also can be used to prove that they will not abandon their home countries and make America their permanent home.

Proof of relationship between the applicant and his/her dependents like the applicant’s spouse, children or fiances, can be submitted to establish that the applicant has loved ones in his/her home country and that he/she cannot leave them in their countries and stay in America. Applicants must bring supporting documents to the interview and establish that they have reasons to return to their home countries.

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Updated on 5/11/2018