New Application for Naturalization

New Application for NaturalizationThe US Citizenship and Immigration Services recently announced that the current Form N-400 will soon be replaced by a new application for naturalization. USCIS is now publishing its forms in a 2-column Adobe fillable format. USCIS customers can fill out those forms online, by making use of the informational pop-up boxes. USCIS has already improved some naturalization forms and it will soon publish a new Form N-400.

The look and feel of the naturalization application will be changed. Apart from that, more questions will be added to the naturalization application and the number of pages will be doubled. Currently, there are ten pages in the application and the USCIS has planned to add eleven more pages to the application.

The new application is likely to include more specific questions and the applicants will be required to provide detailed information. They will have to use additional sheets to provide their answers if the provided space is not sufficient and they need to provide documentary evidence to support their answers.

The new form has not yet been published and the immigration agency has not announced when the new version of Form N-400 will be published. However, the new form will have a user-friendly look and feel and new data collection technologies will be used. USCIS will not change the form filing fee. The form filing fee $640 and the biometric fee $85, will remain the same.

It is not that easy to fill out naturalization applications as these applications require more information. The new form will include tougher questions and the form filing process is likely to become more difficult. Hence, this is the right time for the lawful permanent residents who are eligible for naturalization to file Form N-400 for US citizenship. They can now start the US citizenship process and file the current version of the form that is simple.

Becoming a citizen of the United States has many advantages. If you hold a US Green Card and if you qualify for US citizenship, file your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, now!