Online Citizenship Tutorial for Information on US Citizenship

Online Citizenship Tutorial for Information on US CitizenshipObtaining US citizenship could be one of the toughest things as the applicants will have to file several forms and take a few tests to obtain citizenship status. Likewise, becoming citizens of the United States is a lifelong dream for many but they fail to apply for citizenship though they are eligible as they do not want to experience frustration and disappointment as the US citizenship process is tiresome. Similarly, the guidelines for US citizenship are strict and the eligible Green Card holders must work hard to obtain citizenship. This citizenship process may not be difficult for those who are well aware of the process but the ones who do not know about the actual citizenship process, will face difficulties.

Such prospective US citizens who are unaware of the US citizenship process, may check the online tutorial for US citizenship, to learn about the overall citizenship process. Filing Form N-400 is only the first step in the US citizenship process and followed by that the applicants will have submit biometrics information and report for interviews and take tests. Without preparation and proper understanding it may not be so easy to successfully go through the US citizenship process and to obtain US citizenship.

The online tutorial for US citizenship contains all the required information about the US citizenship test and interview and it also contains practice materials that will help the applicants to pass the citizenship test. However, people who are good in English may not find it difficult to pass the English portion of the US citizenship test but this test could be the most difficult one for the non English speakers. If you are such a non English speaker you need not worry about this test as the U.S. Citizenship Exam and Interview Guide DVD will help you to learn for the English test and to get through the test. This DVD is a part of the tutorial for US citizenship and it contains a lot of interview tips and common interview questions.

The civics test is the other part of the US citizenship test and this test is administered in order to make sure that the applicants are aware of the laws and history of the country. Questions on various topics related to civics will be asked and you can make use of the US Citizenship Exam Guide AUDIO CD, to prepare for this test as it may not be so easy to learn for this test by yourself. If you have filed your US citizenship application and if you are waiting for your interview, the tutorial for US citizenship, is the one for you!