Things to Do on Memorial Day

Things to Do on Memorial DayEvery year Americans observe Memorial Day on the last Monday of May. This year the day falls on May 25th. Memorial Day was established with an aim of remembering and honoring soldiers who died in the Civil War. New York was the first American state to observe this day. It was only in 1890 that this day was recognized as a national holiday.

There are a lot of things that can be done during this three-day weekend. Few ways people celebrate this day include BBQs, road trips and military ceremonies. The most popular tradition for this day is the Memorial Day parade. Americans can attend these parades to show respect to the U.S. military. Almost all American cities are gearing up for Memorial Day parades and activities. People can find out what activities their communities and states are organizing and be a part of it.

Many spend this weekend by traveling with their families and friends. Such people can consider closer-to-home getaways as it is just a three-day weekend. Las Vegas, NV; Orlando, FL; The Caribbean and Jackson Hole, WY are few places they can consider traveling to. These are few popular summer and Memorial Day destinations of 2015.

Those who do not plan to go anywhere, can celebrate the three-day weekend by relaxing and having fun at home. They can gather at their homes and have parties with their families and friends. Organizing parties outdoors and cooking some classic American recipes on this day will be great fun. Senate Bean Soup, Ginger Crinkle Cookies and Chocolate Chip Cookies are some famous Memorial Day dishes that can be made at home. Since it is a three-day week end, they can take part in musical performances and also spend time visiting memorials.

Family members of fallen soldiers will place flowers in war memorials in honor of their family members. The U.S. government will commemorate this day by organizing ceremonies in war memorials. The American flag will be flown in half-staff in government buildings on this day.