Ways to Celebrate Labor Day

Ways to Celebrate Labor DayLabor Day, a federal holiday observed every year on the first Monday of September, gives a chance to celebrate the accomplishments made by the workers. The Central Labor Union of New York organized the first Labor Day in 1882. This day is an annual holiday for all workers and it also marks the unofficial end of summer.

Labor day reminds workers that their jobs are precious to them irrespective of whether it is white or blue-collar, administrative or managerial. The real purpose of this day, when it was initially proposed by the Central Labor Union, was to serve as a tribute to the U.S. workforce. However, now this day has become a day for relaxation and rest and very few see it as a day to celebrate the accomplishments made by workers and the Labor Movement. This day is well-known for special events and festivals throughout the U.S. There are a lot of fun ways in which Labor Day is celebrated in the U.S.

As it is a federal holiday, all government offices, businesses and schools will be closed. This day offers a last chance for people to go on trips before the end of summer and people can make use of this opportunity and organize short family trips, parties and barbecues. The Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to go to sporting events with family and friends.

The following are some suggestions to help celebrate Labor Day:

Potluck barbecue: Barbeques can be quite expensive but this is one of the traditional ways to celebrate the Labor Day. A potluck barbeque will help cut down expenses. People can organize a barbeque and invite their friends and relatives. The guests can pitch in with some beer or a side dish. This sharing will add to the enjoyment of a great evening with family and friends.

Visit parks: People can spend a day at a national park with their family and friends during this long weekend. A picnic will add to the fun. Hiking and campfires will also make the evening more enjoyable.

Football: Labor Day also marks the start of the football season. Many teams play their first football game during this weekend. So this is the best time to catch a football game.

Visit a new place: People who feel that an outdoor trip will be expensive, can visit interesting places near them like monuments, museums, etc. They can use the state tourism guide to plan visits for each day and make the three day weekend more exciting. Visiting places one is not familiar with will make it more interesting.

Whatever people choose to do during the three-day weekend, they can capture it all on their cameras and  smartphones. These favorite moments can be relived or shared with their friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Wishing our readers a great and a fun-filled Labor Day weekend!