Almost all Americans against illegal immigration

Almost all Americans against illegal immigrationA new poll from YouGov has found that almost all Americans believe that illegal immigration has become a problem, with almost half saying they would support the idea of immigration authorities seeking out and deporting undocumented immigrants even if they have committed no crime.

The poll, which was conducted on September 1st and 2nd among 1,000 Americans, found that a massive 92% of the respondents believe illegal immigration has become a problem in the United States, with 51% describing the problem as ‘very serious’, 26% as ‘somewhat serious’, 15% as a ‘minor problem’, 4% as ‘not a problem’ and 4% uncertain. 48% said they would support immigration authorities conducting active searches for undocumented immigrants and removing them from the country, even if they did not have a criminal record.

Immigration reform is an issue that has been emphasized by the 2016 presidential contenders, most notably by controversial Republican front-runner Donald Trump who has proposed a detailed plan that would end birthright citizenship and deport all undocumented immigrants in the United States; however, 61% of survey respondents do not believe it is possible for the latter at least to actually take place.

45% did not believe that the mass deportation of undocumented immigrants would have any impact on their own lives; however, 31% believed that it would personally help either them or their family, in comparison to just 12% who responded that such a policy would have a negative impact on them.