Americans against politicians that block reform, poll finds

Americans against politicians that block reform, poll findsThe results of a bipartisan poll that was conducted in order to find out the views on immigration reform that are held by the average American has found a feeling of general support for various measures that have been proposed and are currently being considered by Congress.  The poll, which was conducted by Republican polling firm Basswood Research and Global Strategy Group, a Democratic polling firm, found that Americans are aware of the need for the country’s current immigration system to undergo reform.

The poll also shows that Americans are in agreement when it comes to a number of different proposals, from new ways to give legal status and citizenship to undocumented immigrants, creating more opportunities for workers in vital industries to be able to legally immigrate, and various enforcement measures.

Also revealed in the poll was that 46% of voters are less likely to support candidates that are opposed to immigration reform.  Voters have said that they would “punish” any Congressional candidates that fail to support the rights of immigrants, with around 70% of those polled (including 64% of Republican voters) saying that undocumented immigrants should be the given the chance to earn a path to US citizenship.

Almost 90% support the right to earn citizenship for young immigrants who were brought to the United States when they were children, and three out of every four voters would be “disappointed” if Congress fails to push for effective reform.