Do Permanent Residents Lose their Lawful Status if Their Green Cards are Lost?

Lost Green CardCitizens of foreign countries who receive their permanent resident cards (green cards) will be eligible to live and work anywhere in the United States. They need to keep their green cards safe and see to it that they do not lose those cards. However, permanent residents will not lose their lawful status in the United States if they lose their green cards. But is it mandatory to get the lost cards replaced as soon as possible.

A permanent resident card is an evidence of an immigrant’s legal status in the United States. It also authorizes an immigrant to legally work in the country without obtaining an employment authorization document. This card will help the permanent residents to prove that they are legitimate residents of America.

Legal residents in the United States are required to always carry their green cards with them. Without these cards they may not be able to prove that they are legal residents. Permanent residents who lose their green cards and fail to report the loss of their cards are likely to become victims of identity theft. It is advised to immediately report the loss of a green card in order to be out of trouble.

Legal residents will not lose their status in the country if they lose their green cards but they are likely to lose their status is they willfully fail to report the loss of their cards. People who have been granted permanent resident status can legally work and live in the United States forever. This status will be revoked if they break any of the immigration laws. Permanent residents need to be aware of their immigration rights and abide by the U.S. immigration laws to retain their legal status.

A green card is a privilege and this card does not come with any kind of rights. Those who willfully fail to get their lost cards replaced will get into trouble as, without their permanent resident cards, they may not be able to establish that they are legal residents.

Legal residents are likely to face legal hassles or penalties if they do not have their green cards with them when they are stopped by law enforcement authorities who require them to provide evidence of their lawful status. A green card is not a status by itself and is only a proof of permanent resident status. So people who lose this card do not lose their lawful permanent resident status in America.