It is Easy to Apply for US Citizenship Online?

It is Easy to Apply for US Citizenship Online?US citizenship comes with a variety of benefits but the process of applying US citizenship is quite complicated. Moreover, it is not that easy to complete the naturalization application as Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, is complicated and you will have to go through all the form instructions prior to completing the form.

Any Green Card holder above age 18, who meets the eligibility requirements for US citizenship can file Form N-400. You may complete this form online as the process is simple. If you choose to file the paper version of Form N-400, you will have to download the form, print it and then fill it by hand. Instead of doing so, you may easily complete it on your computer. You can use the step-by-step guide and easily complete your naturalization application, online. The online form guide will provide all the required information about the form and the form filing process and this will help you to successfully file your US citizenship application with the USCIS.

If you have been living in America as a Green Card holder for five years and more and if your Green Card is still valid, you may complete Form N-400 online. This does not apply to the foreign nationals who obtained Green Cards based on marriage as they need not wait for 5 years and they can apply for US citizenship, if they have been living in America with their US citizen spouses as permanent residents for the past three years. Likewise, spouses of service members will also be permitted to file their US citizenship applications sooner and they may not be required to wait for 5 long years. In all these cases, applicants must meet the eligibility requirements and file their petitions along with the required photographs, form filing fee and initial evidence. However, you need to meet few other requirements, must be fluent in English and must possess sufficient knowledge about the US history and government.

You can easily fill out the US citizenship application online, if you have a computer with internet connection and there are several benefits of applying for US citizenship online. At times, applicants miss out important steps as the naturalization application is elaborate and it is not possible to eliminate all common human mistakes, while completing the form by hand. But you can avoid all the common human errors, if you file the form online as you will be instructed at each and every step. Similarly, you will not miss out important portions while completing the form online as you will not be able move on to the next portion before completing the current portion. Your petition will be accepted by the USCIS only if it is error free and the online filing process will help you to make sure that your petition is free of errors. Hence, is it always simple and easy to complete USCIS forms online and online preparation is always a good choice.